Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

August 26, 2020

88th entry, Brienzwiler

With much energy and inspiration, I have just now primed and spackled the basic form on canvas panels for three works with the dimensions of 65 x 50 cm.  I would like to keep working to breathe life into the painting with pencil and pastel shades of color to make the whole thing blossom, but I must be patient until the spackle is dry. A few days ago I dreamed about these works and now I am uncompromisingly urged to make these come to fruition. This means that today I will probably work a little longer than I planned.

This is the first time that I will wait to show the works to Franziska only after I have finished and framed them. It is difficult to say why this is so, but perhaps it is because my energy is still bundled up.

When they are finished, a link will be added here in this diary. You must also have patience!