Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

April 20, 2013

13th entry, Sylt

While my wife attends a workshop led by Barbara Bessen my son and I enjoy the still cold weather on the windy beach. It is an austere and very special atmosphere. We are bird-watching and we write down how many different species we see. When we surpass the previous day’s record we get quite excited.

The colors here are pretty intense. When the sun is shining and the brown reeds are swaying in the wind before a blue horizon I begin to daydream and fly with the seagulls high above the ocean…

It is good to be away from home. Often Franziska is sitting on the beach looking out onto the sea. A sight that is so characteristic for her and so familiar for me. These are moments when time stands still and all is well.

But this dolce far niente has to be learned. The greedy mind always wants to be stimulated which I do only in very small portions. I keep dwelling in the moment and absorb it to the fullest to make it part my artwork at a later time.

The local food looks very colorful and one is tempted to dig in. But oh, what a disappointment. One lady put it aptly when she said, “It’s enough to survive”. As an alternative we found a charming café serving northern German dainties that sweeten our days here.

Our four days have gone by really fast and I am really looking forward to start working again in Brienzwiler.