Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

April 27, 2012

7th entry, Lucerne

It’s fairly obvious that I tend to write only when I’m feeling fine. And when I write I tend to show only that side of me that impresses the most. Be it as it may, if you want to know more, contact my wife.

The Easter exhibition of “Yellow Summer” in Lucerne was a huge success – to say nothing of my second speech which was embarrassing and totally off the wall. The third speech however was as the second should have been. It was honest, spontaneous, direct, authentic, held without any notes and in cooperation with my wife. In short, it was wonderful! The audience seemed to be very interested and to like some of the paintings. Slowly I stopped doubting myself and a sense of joy and relaxation took over.

The encounter with a man, who spontaneously bought one of the large oil paintings, touched me deeply. It was a painting of a golden yellow sun in a golden yellow sky above a glowing cornfield.

I had to think of the day when I stood next to a cornfield looking in wonder at the swaying wheat stalks and surrendering to the elements. Then I knew not that in this moment the seeds of the Yellow Summer series were planted within me.

The sun embracing the earth and touching it with its golden light while the golden corn responded… The whispering of the wind seducing the wheat stalks to dance in waves of gold in an ocean of gold… Yes, these are moments of contentment, of peace, of inspiration and joy. May they be experienced by everybody!