Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

August 14, 2014

24th entry, Grosshöchstetten

I am so very happy to experience how a dream comes true here in Grosshöchstetten.

To present my paintings and other works of art at my own gallery, to exhibit in a space bathed in light, is like reaching for the stars and witnessing how heaven answers.

I painted the walls in pastel colors – blue, yellow, and green – and in a vibrant ruby tone. This highlights certain aspects of the paintings and removes the coolness and distance of sterile white walls. Works of art convey a different message if you place a deep blue painting on a transparent azure background. I perceive this strong contrast between colors as totally infatuating – like liquid honey tickling my palate. This sweetness enchants all my senses.

I wonder if others might possibly feel the same.