Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

August 31, 2022

111th entry, Brienzwiler

There are five events that I want to briefly describe.

  • The Sun Series 1-4 from last month is sold. A collector tnow calls them his own. A fifth has been added, which at the moment is on exhibition in the Quelle in Bern: Sun Series V.
  • I created 15 new works this month, an exceptional amount, especially during the heat of the summer. It feels like electricity in my body.
  • Three times hiking on the Eiger trail at the foot of the Eiger north wall. This force and the power of the mountains does not leave me. The work At the Mountain was created.
  • The Swiss Art Expo with 125 International artists that took place in the main hall of the train station in Zürich was exhausting, most of all because of the long hours standing. I especially treasure the conversations with people who were very interested in art as well as the exchanges with other artists over philosophies, techniques, and materials. The exhibition was successful.
  • And last but not least–about my injured finger.  It is a deep flesh wound with a cut tendon. Tea Tree oil and propolis ointment works wonders.

The days are short, wonderful, and intensive. The next exhibition is already on the horizon.