Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

3 October 2021

101st entry, Gruyères

I have no need to be vaccinated. Even if that means having to do without many things.

I feel free, and this freedom has nothing to do with the external world, which is in such a state of flux. Granted, it has been a difficult process to come to this point. I met myself with all my fears and conditioning, which I have now brought into the light with love and devotion to the great unseen. Instead of fear, anger, insecurity, and restlessness, there is peace within me. I am at peace with people and all their choices. I am no longer fighting for anything, but I know where I stand and where my place is.

In the studio, I am currently creating some works with wood, rock crystals, and gold–all earth energies that speak to me so soothingly. Ancient energies that change and connect with the higher cosmic forces. A matter that surrenders and lightens.

A gift for all of us.

September 2021 – sold

Sun space
acrylic on wood, rock crystal pyramid, gold leaf, 61 x 61 cm

Ready to fly

2021, wood, gold leaf, 100 x 65 x 18 cm

August 2021

Ready to fly
wood, gold leaf, 100 x 65 x 18 cm

One Fine Morning ∅ 59,5 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

The Splendid One ∅ 69,5 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

Gold Source ∅ 48

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

28 August 2021

100th entry, Zürich

A remarkable exhibition here in the Zürich main station. I displayed four artworks: Two crystal sons with old wood as the background, a natural artwork, and a sculpture. The Swiss Art Expo did a great job organizing the exhibition and staged it very atmospherically and professionally. Each artist has been allocated an exhibition space. My stand is exactly where a golden ball has been embedded in the floor, the “Boule d’Or Centenaire”, the century ball. How appropriate for my golden works and the hundredth diary entry! SwissArtExpo

Unfortunately, I cannot enter the exhibition because I do not have a Covid certificate. This saddens me greatly because I miss the conversations with people interested in art as well as the exchange among artists. Now I am present this Saturday outside the exhibition and available via cell phone for visitors who seek to speak with me.

May the gold of the sun pour down on earth, so that the small suns in the hearts of people begin to shine so brightly that untruth, fear, and control become meaningless and disappear in the light of the sun.

2021 SwissArtExpo Zurich

2021 Light Source

31 July 2021

99th entry, Brienzwiler

Since the death of our Sheltie Jenny on 1/1/2018, I have wanted to have a new dog. Only a few weeks ago Franziska agreed. I promised her that I would not actively look for a dog because I feel that THE DOG needed to find ME.

This week we went with our adult children David and Livia and their dog Lucy for a few days in the Jura. David wanted to show us some beautiful places from his bike tour from Basel to Nyon. On the way over the high plateau of the Jura Franches-Montagnes towards Saignelégier we were diverted because of construction. The navi sent us on a road that Franziska assumed was wrong, but she kept quiet as I was so happily chatting with David. The navigation route ended at a farm where a truck also blocked the road. David shouted, “Sharp left!” and I turned and parked. A border collie came running toward us, and Livia shouted, “That’s a nursing mother!” I want to see the puppies!” We all wanted to see them.

The farmer was friendly and showed us the six seven-week-old puppies, five of them males. Livia was blissful and said that among these would surely be the future father of Lucy’s pups. Our hearts melted.

During dinner at the hostel at Étang de la Gruère, I thought about dog names. Spontaneously, “Bobby” crossed my lips. Franziska found it suitable, but first we had to sleep on it!

The next morning we drove back to look at the puppies again. Franziska and I entered the horse box together and knelt down. A small, black and white ball of wool walked straight towards me, put his paws on my knee, laid down, let me scratch his belly and looked up at me. I moved away, and again he trotted up to me, looked into my eyes, and charmed my heart. I heard myself say, “That’s him! This is the one we’ll take.”

Now a little dog soul will soon enrich our lives. Bobby.


2021, olive wood, bronze figure gold plated, 143 x 20 x 20 cm

The never ending Story III

2021, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

July 2021

Sail of the Sun
mixed media on wood, gold plated, steel frame, 69 x 43 cm

Sail of the Sun

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated, steel frame, 69 x 43 cm

Golden Dance

2021, mixed media on wood, gold leaf, aluminum frame, 72 x 52 cm

Yes it is Gold

2021, wood, gold leaf, pyrite, sand, 22 x 110 x 10 cm

Crystal Flame

2021, olive wood, rock crystal weighing 5,7 kg, illuminable from below, 177 x 18 x 18 cm

30 June 2021

98th entry, Brienzwiler

Without having an exact idea, I go to my studio as I do every day to see how many and what size canvases are there. There are three that I Iike: One is 130x80cm and two are 160x100cm.

I lay the smaller one on the work table and am immediately inspired. I see a background painted with two different shades of blue, which I inscribe with various numbers and symbols in silver gold. The canvas will be framed with molding that is rolled in black-brown along with some red.

I prime the second image with a dark, warm red and “script” it with copper-gold paint.

The third of this series, which I call “The Never-Ending Story,” consists of an ocher yellow background with characters, which I painted with rich pale gold.

Now I have these placed side by side in the studio to view and let them have an effect on me. I find them extremely fascinating. Mentally I do not understand them, but something in their charisma is great and captivating. It never becomes monotonous or boring to look at them. I always see something new and become calm and almost devout, as if I were leafing through the pages of an old book that has much to tell.

These are artistic pieces that a person either loves or not.

Here is the link to
The never ending Story I
The never ending Story II
The never ending Story III

June 2021

The never ending Story II
acrylic on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

The never ending Story II

2021, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

The never ending Story I

2021, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 100 cm

There was once…

2021, acrylic on canvas, 130 x 80 cm

Floating Juwel

2021, wood, wooden ball, quartz crystals, pyrite, 15 x 84 x 15 cm

The Mock

2021, wood gold plated, 33 x 15 x 13 cm

Cherry Blossoms

2021, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

31 May 2021

97th entry, Brienzwiler

My son David gave me the idea that I should paint a tree, and I began on this very day. The old oak in our forest garden served as my inspiration and subject. Within three days the 80 x 60 cm acrylic on canvas piece “The Old Oak Tree” came into being.

It has a massive trunk with a wide crown and soft green spring leaves. I outlined the trunk and branches with gold paint and let it flow through the tree as if it would absorb cosmic energies and conduct them through its roots into the earth. The background suggests an evening sun, which soon disappears behind the horizon, but its glow still gives the tree something sublime and majestic.

When I look at this painting, I see the powerful oak with a hopeful sky. A tree, deeply rooted and bound to everything. Here is the link: The Old Oak Tree.

Solar Energy ∅ 91 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

Sun Energy ∅ 91 cm on old wood

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals, wood 132 x 111 cm

Magic Light ∅ 69,5 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

May 2021

acrylic on wood, gold leaf, steel frame, 80 x 80 cm

The Old Oak Tree

2021, acrylic on cardboard, 80 x 60 cm

Power Source ∅ 81 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

Glittering Bloom ∅ 32 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, sunflower cast in gypsum, gold plated, rock crystals

30 April 2021

96th entry, Brienzwiler

I wish for a humanity that believes more in itself and is connected to the godliness in their hearts. Critically questioning the mass media and expressing their own thoughts.

I wish for people who have the courage to live as individuals and who are connected with nature, the sun, and the stars. People who have no fear to express their own values and thoughts and live confidently despite adversities.

It is those indomitable light warriors of God who are able to distinguish truth from untruth and see through Corona and the control game connected with it. It is in the nature of man to be free, peaceful, and loving. Free will is an inalienable right throughout the universe. Being aware of it is the first step to freedom.

Corona helps mankind to wake up.

April 2021

Grown together
olive wood, petrified wooden ball, 59 x 41 x 10 cm


2021, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, steel frame, 80 x 80 cm

New Space

2021, acrylic on wood, olive wood, 100 x 80 cm

Blue Room

2021, acrylic on wood, white gold, 100 x 80 cm

Grown together

2021, olive wood, petrified wooden ball, 59 x 41 x 10 cm

Sunny Happiness Ø 48,5 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

2021 Joie de vivre

2021 Silent Power


2021, acrylic on wood, driftwood, gold leaf, aluminium frame, 81,5 x 61,5 cm

31 March 2021

95th entry, Brienzwiler

Finally, spring is here. Joy and light flow through the woods. The first migratory birds, such as the Blackcap, Iberian Chiffchaff, and Black Redstart, have returned. In our garden forest, a female Red Kite sits on her eggs in the nest two weeks earlier than in the last few years. I watch with binoculars daily and look forward to the young birds hatching in around 30 days. This female and her mate successfully raised nine young in the last three years. Since Red Kites can live up to 25 years, I hope that this pair will keep this same breeding place and their territory for many years to come.

I write about nature because it is so wonderfully inspiring for the creation of my artwork and because a piece has emerged, is designed by nature, and is developed in a way that only nature can. It is appropriately called “The Nest.” Currently, I am displaying this piece in my gallery in Brienz. From August 25-29 it will be available to view as part of the SwissArtExpo in Zürich main station.
Here is the link to the artwork The Nest, which is also the Artwork of the Month for March.


2021, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 80 x 60 cm


2021, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 80 x 60 cm

North Star ø 91 cm

2021, mixed media on wood, gold plated center, rock crystals

North Star Ø 91 cm on old wood

2021 Goldsonne


2018, oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm


2021, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, steel frame, 76 x 96 cm

March 2021

The Nest
spruce wood, gilded wooden ball, 128 x 80 cm

The Nest

2021, spruce wood, gilded wooden ball, 128 x 80 cm

28 February 2021

94th entry, Brienzwiler

Franziska and I spent two days this week at the Parkhotel Gunten on Lake Thun. A small, spontaneous time-out, which Franziska especially enjoyed. She loves the element water, so the wellness area was particularly appealing to her.

We also use the time to continue writing a book. This project lies very close to Franziska’s heart. This will be an artist biography. She has been working on it for a few years and it is coming along well. I now narrate and then write my take on the chapters she has given me. We often work together when we are on the road, for example, while driving. Franziska transcribes in shorthand while I dictate in Swiss dialect and High German. She is keen to write a biography of the artist herself because she thinks that no one knows me better and knows more about what happened than she does. She is right, of course.

We take our time with this joint project, as there are also times when writing is difficult, simply because, as in every relationship, there are ups and downs. Plus, the husband becomes headstrong and difficult.

Taking life as it is is a challenge.

Finding peace within myself is my daily prayer.

Sun Window

2021, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, very old window, 51 x 71 cm

The golden knight approches

2021, old spruce wood door, iron fittings, gold leaf, 60 x 168 x 11 cm


2021, acrylic and gold leaf on cardboard, steel frame, 100 x 79 cm

February 2021

The golden knight approches
old spruce wood door, iron fittings, gold leaf, 60 x 168 x 11 cm

31 January 2021

93rd entry, Brienzwiler

A good friend and patron, who bought some exquisite works of art about a year ago, sent me a package filled with sweets and fine treats about a week ago. What especially pleased me, however, were the very fitting words, as if heaven had its hand in the game. The words were something like this: Seylech, do not give up, even in this very uncertain and challenging time of transition. The words hit me right in the heart. I was so touched that I needed to pause for a moment while reading. I silently thanked the creator. This gift came so suddenly at a moment that could not have been more fitting. Bruno, thank you very much!

There will soon be a new link called “New Line” added on my homepage where I will show works that require a bit of courage from me. I will now show a side of my artwork, which until now I made only vaguely public. There are abstract, modern, and austere compositions that afford me a lot of space and freedom. Some are created in fast, sure movements. Others need a lot of time and are multi-layered and dimensional in themselves. And as so often – how could it be otherwise – there is also some gold. Gold, which refines everything so wonderfully, makes the image glow and creates warmth.

January 2021 – sold

Silent Power
acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 101,5 x 81,5 cm

Silent Power – sold

2021, acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 101,5 x 81,5 cm

Light crystal

2021, old oak wood, 24 x 120 x 12 cm, quartz crystal, illuminable, 15 x 11 x 8 cm

ø 12 cm Water Star I

ø 12 cm Water Star II

ø 12 cm Water Star III

31 December 2020

92nd entry, Brienzwiler

Another year, full of changes and challenges, comes to an end.

Artistically it was relaxing and unwinding for me. I could create fine pieces that are very time-consuming. In particular, these were natural works of art made with pyrite and mountain crystals.

As always, I enjoy working in my studio, and the ideas and inspirations are always present. I am never bored. It is a good sign that shows me that my art continues. When the inspiration is there, all is well.

I think about the world and find it crazy. I am often out in nature and find peace there. It continues to give me meaning and joy in life. I gain clarity and take things one day at a time.

Thank you for all the good things that have come my way in the past year.

Location Eistlenbach

The dreamer

The band leader

The monk

The snake charmer

The flag thrower

The singer

The lumberjack

The thinker

The hunter

The gentleman

The wild one

The pirate

The fisherman

The golfer

The samurai

The scarecrow

The grim reaper

The hiker

The small alphorn player

The crucified

The Indian

The clown

Harry Potter

The juggler

The Bernese Highlander

The songwriter

The artist

2021 Licht der Erde

Move I-III

2021, acrylic on cardboard, gold leaf, aluminum, steel, each 40 x 30 cm

2020 Blue Star

December 2020

rock crystals, pyrite, wood, 14 x 17 x 80 cm

2020 Goldsonne