Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

December 14, 2018

69th entry, Brienzwiler

A little advent story

The other night my son David came into my studio. We discussed the emerging works of art as we often do. Suddenly and unexpectedly I saw someone sitting in the upper left corner of the studio. It was a tiny dwarf smiling contently: Giaberuso.

He was surprised and a little startled that he had been seen and called by his name. Puzzled we looked at each other for a few seconds. Then he told us that he came from Northern Italy and had passed our house on his way over the Grimsel Pass.

In regards to choosing a place to stay dwarfs are very picky. He informed me that he already lingered in the studio since late last summer and had watched me often while I was working. He had noticed our love for nature. He was especially fond of the breeding swallows underneath the roof. The nature garden was very much to his liking too.

Dwarfs are never idle. Just like humans they have a mission in life. Giaberuso told me that a dwarf has to serve humans for a certain period of time. He had decided to fulfill this service with us and to stay for twenty years. He was 285 years of age and in his prime.

Meanwhile he has changed his abode and sits on a natural work of art on the wall. Right at the end of a branch. I noticed that he was wearing a green pointed hat instead of the usual red one. When I mentioned this to him he communicated somewhat embarrassed that he did not want to talk about it. It had to do with something unpleasant in his past…