Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

January 11, 2013

11th entry, Lucerne

The new year begins quite active in a lot of ways. On one hand there are several orders that need and want to be finished up. On the other hand there are the crystal suns, of which I never seem to have enough in stock. And last but not least there are the sound paintings, which I have deeply fallen in love with.

Sound paintings are oil paintings on canvas or wood with a classical piece of music as their theme. For instance, I will listen to “Adagio in G Minor” by Albinoni while painting and thus creating a painting fitting the music. I add color and form to the sounds. I breathe new life into the sound. What a joy for all my senses. This is work and holiday in one. Up and down, back and forth, high and low, epic and dramatic, fanciful and magical, light and dark, big and small, sweet and beautiful. I could go on like this forever. My hands are burning because they yearn for oil paint, canvas and brush.

How privileged I feel to be able to do this work despite the daily challenges that family life, relationship and finances present!

Without my wife, who takes care of office work, household chores, the children and the gluing on of the crystals to the crystal suns, my form of art could not and would not exist. She takes care of the fine art of gluing with precision and unending patience.

I appreciate how well she manages the household and office chores every day anew. In addition she counsels me on each new work of art and can be at times a quite merciless critic – which sometimes motivates and at other times exasperates me. Being as impatient and impetuous as I am, I often thwart my own plans. Franziska manages to bring back balance, because she is so objective and neutral. Her criticism is a critical factor in creating good art, in creating meaningful art – especially in painting with oil.

For this I thank my wife from the bottom of my heart.