Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

July 13, 2014

23rd entry, Avebury

At six o’clock this morning Franziska and I drove to Silbury hill. How excited we were when we realized that we had been given the gift of a new crop circle that hadn’t been there the day before.

Following the tractor lane we entered the crop circle only to marvel at how precise the corn had been laid down with left and right-handed rotations. The size was approximately fifty meters in diameter. After taking some quick photos we returned to our B&B, informed our hostess and woke up the kids. At once our hostess forwarded our photos to some local crop circle investigators. After breakfast we drove once again to the new crop circle – this time with the children. We were all very excited and stood in wonder. After a lively discussion each one of us drew his own conclusions.

We are not among those who sit cross-legged in a crop circle in order to feel or become aware of something. On the contrary, we were quite lively, cheerful and talkative. At ten o’clock a tractor appeared and mowed the crop circle down. How sad. Later we would learn more about the local farmers, the people and their relationship to crop circles in general. Then a lot of things would fall into place.

An eighty-five year old woman told us how they used to play in the circles when she was a child. The grown-ups hardly noticed because there was so much work to do.

While we were having tea and cake, Michael, an eighty-three year old architect and designer, who intently studied the crop circles for twenty-five years and wrote several books on the subject, shared some of his new and very interesting views on these geometrical and partly extremely complex circles. At the end he remarked that he thought our crop circle was a kiss from heaven. That was its message that touched us deeply.

How inspiring the thought to make today’s crop circle into a work of art…