Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

July 26, 2011

2nd entry, Hotel Giessbach

How quickly time passes!

Floating in yellow colors continues. I have painted several pictures of cornfields and sunny skies. I have been totally absorbed in the process and could hardly get away from it. I really enjoy this phase of this yellow creative process. It brings meaning and a feeling of deep inner peace to my daily life with its routines. Sometimes I experience moments of tremendous clarity and presence.

It was my goal to complete the work until the end of August. Right now it looks like I am pretty much on course since I have finished 17 paintings already. Now I take on the challenge of larger canvasses and need a whole kilo of oil-based paint for one painting. It has a special sensual quality to it to spend the oil lavishly on those larger formats without feeling guilty about it. I am transcending my own boundaries and ideas and deep within me I have a knowing that it is alright.

Although it is a cool rainy month of July, in my studio summer reigns supreme. Inside it is yellow and warm. Franziska does a lot of work in the office, the house, and the gardens. David and Noemi are enjoying their school holidays and are eager for some excitement. Once a picture is finished they are my first critics. Often heated discussions erupt.

All in all there is much commotion and dynamic in our family. Why in the world does father have to be an artist? Otherwise everything would surely be more quiet and proper.