Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

15 Juni 2011

1st entry, Brienzwiler

After 25 years of creating works of art and 12 years as a free-lance artist I have become somewhat weary. My wife said, “I think you should really take a break, a creative time-out to get back on your feet”. Wow, that really hit home. I let myself go, entering a deep state of relaxation and recuperation, and allowed myself to exhale, to let go, to enter into stillness.

In this state of recovery I felt inspired to tidy up my studio and do a thorough cleaning. While tidying-up the yellow colors caught my eye. Suddenly it hit me, “Do 30 to 50 paintings in shades of yellow”. The same day I started on two acrylic paintings. Thus the “Yellow Summer” was born.

Meanwhile two weeks have passed and I have finished five more works in oil. I am extremely inspired and full of vigor. I sense a power within me that wants to be expressed. It is my goal to finish all paintings by the end of August. Am I still tired? No. Am I amazed? Yes.

PS: People, who do not believe in the sun, do not know God.