Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

November 28, 2019

79th entry, Brienzwiler

The second ARTFUL, ART FULL ZUG exhibition in the Altstadthalle from the 22nd to 24th November was very lovely and included encounters and conversations that were inspiring. I was able to sell three works.

Thomas, our host and initiator of ARTFUL, ART FULL ZUG, will most likely, as it appears, help the city of Zug by continuing to organize this art event twice a year. I think that this will attract much more attention and be made known to a wider audience so that visitors from near and far will not want to miss these art days.

We four artists now contribute ideas and see what we can implement.

My artist’s heart is heavy, and I can only shake my head while I am preparing my artwork for transport, when I see other artists not packing and protecting their work, but carrying it stacked in front of their chest and clamped down and depositing it on the street next to their cars. These works, which were hanging on the wall for quite a bit of money, are now simply lying here ready for loading, without any protection. For me this is not possible. For me it seems disrespectful and devaluing. The difference is probably whether or not the artist lives off it or not. It is the small things that make the difference. Of course, everyone decides for himself how he treats his works, but it hurts me.