Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

November 29, 2023

125th entry, Brienzwiler

Life – how it continues to surprise me.
Two large works were purchased today. Here is a little story about them, but where does it start?

  • They were created in February/March 2020
  • Contact with the customer takes place at the SwissArtExpo at the beginning of September 2023
  • Three weeks beforehand, Franziska and I reorganized the exhibition in our gallery in Breinz. These two pieces were integrated into the exhibition and now they are sold. They are named Dimensions and Lux Aurea. Both are painted on wood that has fine, milled grooves. Their dimensions are 120 x 95 cm and they are framed in steel.

What I want to say is that all the inspiring daily impulses are correct. It is important to listen to them, recognize them, and implement them. Ultimately, all of these various actions will lead to success. To summarize: Take inspiration and put it into practice. The rest will fall into place.

A tremendous feeling of thankfulness flows through me. All of the years were so exciting and beneficial. Very early on I resolved to take the path of freedom and financial insecurity. I feel alive and wild. Life with all of its challenges is full of wonder and marvelous.