Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

November 30, 2022

114th entry, Brienzwiler

It is Advent, a wonderful time for me. There is immense peace within me. My energy is collected. With great joy, I work under the motto, “Do your work, do not worry about the fruits of it.”

It is quite unorganized here in the shop, which often happens when I create many pieces in parallel. At the moment there are five. The space here has always been limited, but I just accept it and work with the possibilities that are there.

Well, it’s been 24 years now that I’ve given my life here in these rooms. It was an adventure that brought me exactly to where I am right now. If I have twenty-four more years, I do not know; therefore, I take it day by day and am quite satisfied with what I encounter and what inspires me in this little workshop in Brienzwiler, which during this time 2,400 pieces of artwork have now been created.