Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

October 28, 2018

67th entry, Brienzwiler

Just a regular work week.

Monday, 22nd October:
I start to work at 5.30 am and work until 12 noon. I do various types of work and finish crystal suns and frames.
Afternoon from 1 pm to 6 pm: Work on sculptures and natural works of art.

Tuesday, 23rd October:
7 am: Departing with Franziska for Château-d’Oex. We have to pick up a painting that we had on exhibit to show it to a client in Graubünden. The round trip takes three hours.
In the afternoon I work at my studio: Gold-plating and spackling of crystal suns.

Wednesday, 24th October:
I start work at 5 am. At the moment I do not need more than six hours of sleep and I awake refreshed and feeling fit. I enjoy the quiet morning hours in my studio when I feel especially inspired. I do various types of work like cutting, fitting, and mounting.
Preparing for Thursday: Packing five works of art and preparing tools and a power drill.

Thursday, 25th October:
7 am: Departing with Franziska for Surselva via Susten, Andermatt, and Oberalp Pass. Beautiful weather, mild, and the sky electric blue.
11 am: Meeting the client. Showing the paintings, discussing, and mounting.
12 noon: Return trip. Lunch at the monastery in Disentis. Continuing via Andermatt, and the Furka Pass. A visit to the Rhone glacier. The ice is melting at a breathtaking speed.
5 pm: Arriving home. Unloading, tidying up. Franziska is doing office work.
6 pm: Work is done!

Friday, 26th October:
Start of work at 4.30 am. Since I am not allowed to make noise before 7 am I work on a new golden tablet. I contemplate make-up, structure, focal points, and consider various possibilities.
7 am: Shaping work for crystal suns and golden tablets in front of the house.
12 noon: Lunch with Franziska outside the house.
In the afternoon working in the garden with Franziska and tidying up the studio.

Saturday, 27th October:
7 am: Working in my studio, gold-plating.
10 am: Departing for a meeting with a client at the highest building in Luzern. Spectacular view. I feel disconnected from my worldly worries and challenges. Discussion and placing of order.
12.15 pm: Lunch at an Indian restaurant.
In the afternoon I stroll through the old city and enjoy the first Christmas decorations.

Sunday, 28th October:
8 am: Leaving the house for a visit with our daughter for brunch. Because the weather is cold and clammy we stay inside. We play, engage in discussions, and enjoy our get-together. I even have time for a noontime nap.
At 5 pm we have an appointment in Luzern to deliver and mount a work of art. We are invited to stay for dinner and enjoy an animated discussion from the heart.