Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Lucerne in 1966. Early on in life I became interested in color, form, and art in general. After finishing my apprenticeship as baker/confectioner I applied at the Lucerne school for arts and crafts. After being rejected I started an unusual career as an artist. Permeated by an inner fire I cut my own path alone. I became an autodidact and immersed myself in the study of art, visited art museums and galleries, sketched and painted.

In 1992 I met my wife Franziska, whom I married in 1994. Encouraged by her I became a free-lance artist in 1999. This was a very challenging period of my life – considering three children being born in those years.

My technique is free and direct, and being endowed with a flair for color, form, and tension I create expressive works. I apply oil colors in paste-like form onto canvasses and work with spatula, paint brush, and sometimes bare hands. I found my unique way of expression.

Since I live in close contact with nature and dwell daily in my gardens, I am inspired by the beauty of heaven and earth. Consequently I work with natural materials like wood, stone, and gold among others. This is also the reason why I interpret the sun and the universe in manifold and multi-faceted ways.

I have created more than 2200 works of art over the course of the last twenty years. About 1900 works are on display in various practices, centers, hospitals, company and bank buildings, and private homes worldwide.

I live and work in Brienzwiler in Switzerland. My studio and art galleries in Brienzwiler and Brienz may be visited by appointment only.