Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

The “Evidence” is the branch of a spruce tree that we found in June 2007 in the wild Eistlen creek near Brienzwiler and took with us. In the evening in the living room, I was fooling around with the wooden stick in front of the children and imitated different roles with it. I was inspired to portray these characters in a series of photos that my wife Franziska had to photograph the same week.
In 2018, our son David created a short film with it, which can be seen on YouTube.

Location Eistlenbach

The dreamer

The band leader

The monk

The snake charmer

The flag thrower

The singer

The lumberjack

The thinker

The hunter

The gentleman

The wild one

The pirate

The fisherman

The golfer

The samurai

The scarecrow

The grim reaper

The hiker

The small alphorn player

The crucified

The Indian

The clown

Harry Potter

The juggler

The Bernese Highlander

The songwriter

The artist