Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

The Yellow Summer – in private hands

A Small Light – sold

A White Day – sold

The Good Seed – sold

Towards the Sun – sold

Near the Cornfield – sold

Cornfield in the Evening II – sold

Cornfield in the Evening I – sold

Supernova III – sold

A Hot Day – sold

Supernova II

Time of Maturity

Evening Glow – private property

Evening – private property

Field of Wheat – sold

Supernova I

Wild Summer

Cornfield with Lark – sold

Hymn to Summer

Cornfield in the Moonlight – sold

Sun – sold

Cornfield – sold

Helen – sold

Midsummer – sold

When the Sun Celebrates – sold

Cornfield in the Evening – sold

Sun Ball – sold

A Golden Day – sold

Harvest Time

The Yellow Day

Near the Cornfield

Sun Bowl – sold

Fire Lily – sold

Solar Pulse – sold


Solar Winds – sold

Fata Morgana

The Day when the Sun Slept

Meeting with the Light – sold

Impulses – sold

Birth of the Little White Sun – sold