Seylech (Charles) Leuthard, Künstler des Lichts.

June 4, 2017

52nd entry, Brienzwiler

Just an average exhibition
I am exhibiting my works for three days in Vully at a vintner’s of premium wine for the second time. In a room of twenty square meters I managed to put on quite a decent exhibit.

But considering the beautiful weather it is hard for me just to sit and wait for customers who might be able to afford a work of art. I treat myself to a fine lunch and a dip into Lake Murten to lift my spirits. Franziska is positive as usual and unlike myself in good spirits.

It have a hard time to be here and wait for art enthusiasts. But of course I will not show my changing moods while engaged in conversation with visitors because it would not be professional and based on previous experience it is bad for business.

On the third day I start to pack early. And suddenly – while I am packing – there is a group of ten people in the exhibition room. They are totally excited and one gentleman spontaneously buys a work of art for himself and his wife. And with that all my worries that have haunted me are gone. We drive home happy and content. We will come again next year.

And for me the bottom line is: Live in the now and trust in the good spirit which is there for anybody who can surrender to him.